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public space information, wayfinding and advertising products

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Product Life Cycle

We take your concept to a first prototype and production volumes.

One Stop Shop

We understand the balancing act between design, industrial and mechanical engineering

International Network

We have a strong international network for installation, service and maintenance

OCP is all ready to help out!

Contact us anytime. We are more than happy to create your solution from start to finish.

Mechanical engineering
Smart translation of designs into elegant products that are efficiently produced, live long, are easy to maintain and create a minimal carbon footprint

The world digitizes and we are ready for it. Integration of both LED panels and LCD displays have no secrets for us. And intense cooperation with specialized electronic partners ensures state-of-art technology.

Our people took care of products and installations and have active networks serving installation, service and maintenance all over the world.

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OCP Solutions develops and supplies (interactive) Outdoor Communication Products for the public space for the purpose of information, signage and advertising. Our people have years of experience and know exactly what requirements must be met to guarantee a hassle free lifetime at minimal cost for over 10 years; also in extreme conditions.

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